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SOLITO - a beautiful stunning collection of scarves 


Based in the heart of Europe, but designed with a Team of EUROPEAN, ASIAN and AFRICAN roots. SOLITO is produced with lots of love and attention, with a mixture of fine fabrics that range from Cotton to Poly Silk, Poly Wool and Cashmere.


To make sure our ladies have an exclusive look, we produce a maximum of 200 scarves per style. By bringing out new designs each season, we aspire to keep on amazing our customers.


The S/S 19 SOLITO collection is a colourful collection, full of passion, fun, adventure and positivity. Lots of feminine colours with bold prints, fun animal prints, stylish nature elements with soft tapes to ensure a harmonious finish.


If you would like to get in contact with Solito or book an appointment to see them at the next event please email or call UK & Ireland Distributor 07807 680521 Amanda Connolly