Helen Moore is a luxury brand specializing in faux fur fashion and home accessories.

Our aim is to supply the softest and most luxurious faux fur, so we have worked hard over the years to source the very finest quality. We have an ever-changing collection of over thirty beautiful faux furs, many of which are exclusive to us. They range from natural tones to the contemporary and colourful.

We design and make all of our faux fur pieces in our own factory in the heart of the Devon countryside. We are committed to our local community and employ over 50 people from the local area.  The greatest care is taken at each stage of manufacturing, each piece is cut by hand and each seam is sewn and brushed to create a seamless appearance.

We invest in the very best people, fabrics and processes, enabling us to create beautiful and unique faux fur items.


If you would like to get in contact with Helen Moore or book an appointment to see them at the next event please email: